About Us

Mission Statement
The Jerusalem American International School is a private, secular coeducational school for international and local students, offering a challenging program from preschool through high school, culminating with an accredited American high school diploma. JAIS fosters a student-centered environment characterized by supportive relationships that inspire students to achieve academic potential, think creatively, show initiative, assume responsibility, develop a passion for life-long learning, and contribute actively to society.

Core Values and Beliefs
We believe that:
• The JAIS community’s strength resides in its unity, diversity, and active participation of its members.
• Each person is equal and has the right to be treated with respect and honesty.
• Each student has a capacity to learn and develop the internal drive and motivation to do so.
• Individuality should be nurtured and honored.
• JAIS is a community capable of creativity and adaptability.

JAIS fosters the creativity and natural curiosity of children and channels each child‘s individuality into a stimulating and enjoyable educational experience.