trip13Admissions Policy
Equal Opportunity Policy (Number 2.156) – JAIS has an enduring commitment to support equality of education and employment opportunity by affirming the value of diversity and by promoting an environment free from discrimination. No person shall be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment on the basis of any legally prohibited discrimination involving, but not limited to, such factors as race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or disability.

Enrollment is open to students of all nationalities, abilities and backgrounds. The underlying philosophy of the admissions policy and procedures is to ensure a quality English language education with a secular, American-influenced curriculum. Admission, enrollment, and annual re-enrollment to JAIS are not automatic. Admissions decisions are made on the basis of an examination of school records, placement testing, personal interview, and available space.  Based on the results from the screening at JAIS, students may be required to undergo a psycho-educational evaluation (off site) to help determine whether JAIS is the appropriate placement for your child.

In keeping with the by-laws of the Board, which encourages enrollment of children of American citizens, Israeli nationals, and third country nationals living in Israel, the following admissions policy and procedures have been established:

  • An English speaking student who provides records that document approximate grade level academic achievement is admitted to JAIS after admissions screening.
  • A student who is limited by academic, emotional, or physical difficulties or who is not proficient in the English language (an ELL – English Language Learner), may be screened to ensure that the student’s needs can be accommodated within the extensive educational support available at JAIS.

NOTE: By charter, WBAIS and JAIS give preferential enrollment to dependents of U.S. citizen employees of the U.S. Government or contract employees for whom the U.S. Government directly pays tuition. Enrollment will be allowed up until maximum capacity.

For Children Who Have Special Needs
JAIS welcomes applications from students with special education needs, disablilities and learning differences. The psycho-educational evaluation and any existing IEPs must be submitted ahead of time so that the admissions committee can make an initial assessment of whether JAIS can meet the child’s needs. Note: experience has shown that in cases where a student has special needs, it is highly advised that prior to applying and accepting a post in Israel, information about the child be shared with the school for an initial review and screening.

For Children Who are Non-native English Speakers
As part of the admissions process, the learning support team at JAIS will evaluate all potential ELL students in order to determine that the student is capable of receiving instruction at the appropriate school level.

For Israeli Children Who are Non-native English Speakers
Experience has taught us that for children changing their language of instruction, significant issues may arise if coupled with learning disabilities. Therefore, we may require a psycho-educational evaluation for students who will be changing their language of instruction to give us information about them as learners and to help us determine how we can provide for them.


Placement in Preschool for three- and four-year-olds shall be determined by the administration based on the child’s age, developmental readiness, and information provided by the previous preschool or daycare.  After reviewing the documents, the administration may request to proceed with a screening completed at JAIS.

Elementary School
Placement in kindergarten through grade four shall be determined by the administration based on the student’s age, evaluation of records from previous schools, and tests administered by JAIS. Students enrolling in the kindergarten program shall be five years of age on or before September 1 of the year of admission. Students enrolling in grade 1 shall be six years of age on or before September 1 of the year of admissions or shall have completed a year of an “American-style” developmental kindergarten. Where previous school records indicate that a student has already attended kindergarten, yet the student does not meet the JAIS age requirements, individualized testing shall determine grade placement.

Middle School
Placement in grades five through eight shall be determined by the administration based on the student’s age, evaluation of records from previous schools, and tests administered by JAIS.

In order to be enrolled at JAIS, a student must be living with either a parent or a legal guardian. Students not living with parents must complete the appropriate form concerning the school’s guardianship policy (please contact school administration for the appropriate forms.) In addition, a formal meeting attended by the parents and guardian must take place before an arrangement acceptable to JAIS  can be approved.