JAIS 2013 GraduateJAIS offered me an admission to an accredited international school that is located in one of the most amazing locations on earth. I knew that my time at JAIS was basically preparatory for the educational phase of my life, and JAIS helped me with an admission to the University of Toledo which offered me a good scholarship. At JAIS, I found an amazing family-like school community where I had a great group of supportive and friendly teachers and faculty who helped me out and supported me all the way to college. When an opportunity like attending JAIS knocks on your door, open that door, and welcome it with a heartbeat. It might be the turning point in your life, just like it was in mine. I guarantee you that no matter how far you go, this school community of friends, teachers, staff members or parents will always be there to support you and cheer you on.


Dina Teeti, Class of 2013
University of Toledo

JAIS Graduate AimeeThe most significant aspect of my time at JAIS was the people I came to know here – certain classmates, teachers, and staff who made an impact on my life. Academically, many classes at JAIS have prepared me for university. The diversity of the student body has prepared me for interacting with people of all different backgrounds and worldviews, which I think will prove to be very helpful in the “real world” as well.

Aimee Spice, Class of 2014
Cedarville University




JAIS Graduate EliasFrom the moment I walked into JAIS, I was offered full support, guidance, opportunities to prosper, a family-like atmosphere, the ability to stand out, and to be able to always improve.  Attending such an institution has changed my life completely. I regret nothing but the fact that I was unable to attend it at an earlier age. I have found a home.

Elias Zreiq, Class of 2014