Application Procedure
Local Candidates

  1. Working at an international school requires a sound philosophical match between the institution and the individual. Please take the time to research the Jerusalem American International School through our website.
  2. All applicants MUST possess a valid teaching credential from the USA, Israel, or equivalent.
  3. All applicants MUST have US or Israeli citizenship or ALREADY have a valid work visa for employment in Israel.
  4. JAIS does NOT provide benefits for teachers coming overseas; we can obtain a work permit for US citizens for full-time teaching positions, but do NOT pay for shipping, travel, or housing costs.
  5. If what you have found is of interest to you, please email the JAIS Head of School at This will further assist the interested candidate to learn more about the ethos of the school.


  1. Successfully implement the annual priorities and objectives and the school‘s mission statement;
  2. Demonstrate teaching strategies that meet student needs and abilities, including:
      • Effective lesson design;
      • Effectively working with a varied student population (English Language Learning students, students with learning challenges, late-entering students, and gifted and talented students);
      • Engaging all students and keeping them on task;
      • Flexibility and adaptability in modifying materials and programs to meet the changing needs or circumstances of the school.
  1. Demonstrate effective classroom management skills and strategies by providing creative and flexible responses to varied situations that encourage student self-discipline.
  2. Prepare for classroom instruction, utilizing appropriate materials and providing a classroom environment that stimulates learning.
  3. Continuously and effectively monitor student work with timely and meaningful feedback and appropriate modifications of goals and strategies.
  4. Set high standards and expectations for student performance, and create and demonstrate effectiveness in motivating students.
  5. Effectively model and encourage multicultural awareness, tolerance, and understanding by:
      • Serving as a role model, taking advantage of opportunities to learn from others, and keeping abreast of developments related to teaching;
      • Promoting a good working relationship with others and sharing ideas, materials, experiences, and expertise;
      • Serving as a mentor/adviser to less experienced teachers and interns;
      • Participating in peer coaching and other instructional improvement programs.
  1. Demonstrate a commitment to professional development.
  2. Maintain good communication and rapport with students, staff, parents, and the community, including respect for the confidentiality of students‘ and staff‘s concerns and keeping parents informed of their children‘s progress.
  3. Demonstrate and utilize accurate and up-to-date knowledge of curriculum and subject matter, and apply current educational research and training.
  4. Establish long-range goals and instructional objectives, and effectively implement them in teaching activities.
  5. Support school-wide projects such as student activities, staff development, and community efforts
  6. Conscientiously assume all the responsibilities required of school staff (punctuality, attendance, non-teaching duties, etc.).
  7. Support, adhere to and enforce all established school policies and procedures.
  8. Demonstrate a positive, optimistic, and spirited approach to learning that is reflected in a classroom atmosphere of warmth, humor, and open communications.
  9. Employ technology (computers, video, telecommunication, etc.) as appropriate to enhance instruction.
  10. Demonstrate knowledge of and capacity to develop and work with a standards-based curriculum to include teaching to and assessing student work based on rigorous educational standards

Teachers report directly to the head of school and the Head of School at WBAIS.