Welcome to the JAIS employment website.

Please spend time exploring our website to learn about our philosophy, learning environment and community. Individuals interested in exploring employment opportunities JAIS should send a cover letter and resume to jobs@jerusalemais.org.

We are currently looking for a highly qualified Administrative Assistant for a full-time, 11-month position (hours TBD.) 


  1. University degree.
  2. High level of computer skills (word processing, data processing, publications, website management.)
  3. Ability and willingness to learn an in-depth understanding of Power School administrative software.
  4. Exemplary written and spoken Hebrew/English language skills.
  5. Strong public relations skills, communication skills, organizational skills, attention to detail and office skills.
  6. Confidentiality.
  7. Skill in being able to anticipate and prioritize work.

Reports To: The JAIS Administrative Assistant reports to the Head of School. Inquire about specific responsibilities if you are called in for an interview.

Interfaces with: Parents, faculty, and staff, leadership team, students, companies, embassies/consulates, community organizations, and schools.

Job Goal: The JAIS Administrative Assistant is employed to assist the Head of School in secretarial duties, and assist the teaching staff, visitors, and to maintain the office and public area as a welcome and efficient reception area, as well as maintain a supportive and collegial atmosphere with all other JAIS faculty and staff. To extend professional assistance to parents, students, embassies/consulates, companies, and organizations; services should include providing accurate school information, facilitating enrollment, and being solution-oriented. For potential new students and parents, it is this office that sets the “tone” for the school’s high standards and atmosphere of understanding and caring. The goal is also to provide administrative and clerical support to the Head of School in keeping with the School’s mission and philosophy.

We are also looking for a Preschool Instructional Assistant. 


  1. College degree preferred
  2. Previous experience working with children ages 3-5 in a school/gan/kindergarten setting
  3. Creative
  4. Warm and caring
  5. Adaptable and flexible
  6. Collaborative/team player
  7. Willing to learn
  8. Genuine interest in preschool aged children

Job Objective: The Preschool Instructional Aide is employed to provide instructional support to faculty and students.

Job Goal: His/her term of appointment and salary shall be determined by the school administration as outlined in the JAIS aide salary scale. The Instructional Aide is employed to assist the supervising teacher/s in instructional capacities, student supervision, and clerical tasks as well as maintain a supportive and collegial atmosphere with all other JAIS faculty and staff. This individual should fully support the school mission, philosophy, and approach to learning.

Reports to:

Classroom Teacher and Head of School: He/she shall be responsible to the classroom teacher and act under his/her direction. Inquire about specific responsibilities if you are called in for an interview.

Hours: Monday through Friday, TBD

We also welcome qualified (at least two years experience, and a degree in education) teacher applicants at any time during the year. In general, most interviewing and hiring for faculty positions occurs in the spring; however, we will accept resumes throughout the year.

We are hiring qualified substitute teachers on an on-going basis. Qualified substitute teachers should meet the above requirements, hold a valid working permit for Israel, and be available Monday through Thursday from 7:45 am -3:15 pm and Fridays from 7:45 am to 1:30 pm.

For more information about the application procedure for employment, click here.