Frequently Asked Questions About JAISaccreditation

Is JAIS accredited?

WBAIS, JAIS’s parent organization, has been accredited since the 1970’s. WBAIS and JAIS had a self-study and visit in March of 2016 where all of our community members had an opportunity to engage in the process. We were re-accredited until 2023. JAIS is regularly visited by a Validation Team from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), an American professional association that accredits colleges, universities, and schools in the United States and American Schools abroad as part of the accreditation process. 

What are the class sizes?grade one

Class sizes vary year to year. Most elementary classes range from 10-15 students. Our middle school classes range from 5-10 students.

Does JAIS accept children with special needs?

JAIS welcomes applications from students with mild to moderate special education needs. Applicants with special education needs will be reviewed to determine the appropriateness of admission. Admission is determined based on the ability for JAIS to assist the student to be able to succeed in a normal classroom setting.

Parents are required to provide all relevant information at the initial contact with the school.  This includes:  psycho-educational testing reports, report cards, diagnosis, individual educational plans and any other applicable information.

If you have a special needs child whom you would like evaluated for admission to JAIS, please write to JAIS at: principal@jerusalemais.org or contact us at: 972-2-679-9611.

culturesWhat languages are offered at JAIS?

JAIS has a strong modern language department that offers French or Spanish for students in preschool through middle school. All students, except for students enrolled in our ELL/LS program, are required to study a language throughout the year.

The modern language curriculum emphasizes core literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and stresses instructional practices that encourage students to use multiple modes of discourse, frequently and authentically.

Where is the school located?picnic

JAIS is located at the Goldstein Youth Village in the San Simon neighborhood of Jerusalem. The main entrance is located at 24 Sderot Shai Agnon Street, in the San Simon neighborhood. (Close to Katamon, Pat, Golomb, Malha, Beit Zafafa, German Colony and Talpiot.) Parking can be found on Shai Agnon or a side street near our other entrance on Chaim Yahil. We recommend that parents visiting the school come through our side gate entrance. Please call the school office if you need any assistance finding us. For information and a map to JAIS, click here.

AmjadDoes JAIS provide transportation?

Yes. JAIS has a van service that can be used for both mornings and afternoons or one-way service throughout Jerusalem. To sign up for our van service click here. Our van drivers are vetted by the U.S. Consulate security and have GPS tracking devices with several modes of communication. Our van service has an excellent track record of safety and navigating the streets of Jerusalem.

Where do I find the calendar for the year?

For a view of our year long academic calendar, click here.

What are the school’s hours?

The school doors open at 7:45 and classes run from 8:00 am to 3 pm Monday to Thursday.  On Friday we end at 1:30.

uniformAre there school uniform requirements?  

Yes, students are required to wear the JAIS school uniform shirts. School uniforms can be purchased in the school office. The embroidered polo shirts cost 40 shekels. Sweatshirts cost 50 shekels.

What’s the difference between the hot lunch program and the PTA Pizza Friday orders?

We have a lunch program for the students. The cost is about 20 NIS per lunch. The lunch program runs Monday through Thursday. As a fundraiser, the PTA sells pizza (on most Fridays.) The pizza is an additional cost, is sold by the slice, and costs roughly 12 NIS per slice. For information regarding our current lunch program please contact Miriam at mweinberg@jerusalemais.org.

YogaWhat after-school activities does JAIS offer?

JAIS offers an After School Activities (ASA) program that provides a safe environment for students to challenge themselves and learn new skills. We have an array of activities for the children after school. The activities run Monday through Thursday from 3pm-4pm. The after school program offers a combination of recreational and educational activities that rotate on a semester basis. Examples of our after school programs have included tennis, yoga, ceramic painting, chess, origami, soccer, mosaics, animation and game design, hip hop dance and baseball. Our ASA teachers focus on collaboration, teamwork, and self-confidence while facilitating a dynamic activity. For more information on our current JAIS ASA program visit our website or email Shaena Cantor at scantor@jerusalemais.org.

parent involvementDoes JAIS have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of diverse, energetic parents looking to build the JAIS community and support activities inside and outside your child’s classroom. Every parent is a part of the PTA, so all are welcome to attend meetings and participate in events throughout the year! Coming to a meeting does not obligate commitment, but it is a great way to meet other parents and community members. Meetings are typically held the second Friday of every month. The PTA at JAIS is very strong and is another great way to become involved with the school. The PTA hosts many fun events throughout the year. One of our favorite events of the year is the PTA International Day event, which celebrates diversity in the JAIS community. Join our Facebook PTA page.

What are some ways I can volunteer to help at school?parent help

At JAIS, we celebrate a diverse community of learners and welcome parent participation and involvement at our community gatherings and school-wide events. All parents are encouraged to participate and volunteer to support the activities and events of the PTA throughout the year. There are several officer positions in the PTA (co-chairs, secretary and treasurer) which offer great opportunities to support the school and volunteer. Each class has a PTA Class Liaison, which serves as a link between the classroom teacher and activities and the PTA. Most elementary classes have specific activities which request parent support at various levels (whether it is help during the library hour, games, science projects, special presentations, reading to students, or chaperoning a field study.) The amount of support needed varies throughout the year. Parents are often invited to be chaperones on school trips and be involved with our community service projects. We welcome opportunities to partner with parents so please inquire with the classroom teachers, the PTA or the office staff. If a parent has a special talent, area of expertise or service that would benefit the education of our students, we welcome opportunities to learn more and love to invite parents into the school. Typically, all of our JAIS parents participate in our community picnic and sports day at the beginning of the year and our international day at the end of the year.

Do you have swimming at JAIS?swimming

We have both an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a shallow children’s pool on campus. The pool is covered most of the year, but the roof can open in the sunnier months. The pool area is heated and the temperature of the pool is around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The children attend a swimming lesson once a week on Thursdays. The swimming program teaches water safety and basic swimming techniques. The lessons are divided into a time of instruction, lap swimming and practice, as well as free play with a variety of flotation devices.

What does my son or daughter need for swimming?

On Thursdays, we ask that students come with a swim bag containing a swimsuit (preferably one-piece for girls,) swim cap (for children with hair over one inch long), goggles, towel, flip-flops, warm clothing (or bathrobe) to wear over the swimsuit to and from the pool (especially in colder weather.) Children change in the main school building and walk to and from the pool, so it is important that they are properly clothed. For more information about our swimming program, click here

Does my child need to bring any school supplies?

Elementary students should bring a backpack that is large enough to hold an A4 folder, a water bottle, lunch box and library books. We usually recommend having a separate bag for swim items so that school papers and books do not get wet. The school provides all other items such as pencils, paper, crayons and notebooks. Students in the middle school will use school-owned laptops and calculators. 

Is there a school yearbook?yearbook

Yes! Yearbooks are printed at no additional cost to our students (one book per child.) Additional copies can be purchased.

Will I receive a monthly/quarterly/yearly bill for tuition?  

Tuition and fees are due in full on August 31st and may be paid in dollar or shekel by bank transfer, check, or credit card. Alternate tuition payments (installments) may be requested. Checks should be made out to “WBAIS.” When paying in dollars, inquire at the Cashier’s Office for applicable rates. Contact Dvora Cardozo at 09-890-1000, ext. 447 or dcardozo@wbais.net. You can also make payments by credit card through the JAIS office.