JAIS Grade 5

Program Overview

The students are given the opportunity to develop independence and self-growth. They are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own learning and develop their skills through a strongly student-centred classroom environment that aims to enhance their learning experience. They use their classroom time to explore and research which becomes an increasing major goal for the students. They are supported by a homeroom teacher for the majority of their core curriculum subjects and collaborate through teamwork and peer interaction.



The  Grade 5 Science Program combines ‘hands on’ activities and independent research. The course is connected to the Social Science Program and activities are cross-curriculum based. This year students investigate matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems, they explore the structure and properties of matter,  investigate stars and the Solar System, and define a simple design problem that includes specified criteria for success.


Language Arts

The Language Arts program is integrated with the varied themes studied in Social Science, to create a seamless program. It gives students the opportunity to further develop their language skills learned in fourth Grade. A variety of novels are explored, enhancing the students’ ability to appreciate the various nuances within literature. Other skills developed include vocabulary, spelling, character study, plot, critical analysis, comparison and contrasts of different authors and genres. Students will also encounter different forms of writing including comprehension, summaries and narrative, as well as persuasive writing and letter writing.


Social Studies

The Social Studies program enables students to investigate various explorers, and significant time periods pertaining to various stages throughout Ancient History, with a focus on historical progression and famous personalities. Students will be introduced to both American and non-American heroes, and other significant figures. Both research-based methods and a ‘hands-on’ approach are encouraged in order for the students to produce unique and well thought out projects.


Additional Subjects

The following classes are taught to JAIS students by specialist teachers:

Physical education, music, art, Spanish or French.

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