Grade 5

JAIS Grade 5
Program Overview:

As the final year in the Elementary School, the students are taught to take greater responsibility for their own learning, as well as for the life of the community. They are still supported by an individual teacher for their core curriculum subjects, but research – especially in Science and Social Studies, becomes an increasingly major goal for the students. They play a major role in Student Council activities, and are expected to set an example to the rest of the Elementary School through the social interactions among themselves and with the younger students.

Language Arts:

The Language Arts program is integrated with the themes studied in Social Studies, to create a seamless humanities program. For example, while family relationships are being explored in Social Studies, the Golden Goblet is read in Language Arts, illustrating the same concepts. From the novels read, the students further develop their reading and writing skills; learn to write book reports, summaries, and character studies, in addition to extensive vocabulary work.


The Mathematics program is based on the AERO standards using materials from a wide variety of sources. The mathematics program is designed to be challenging, but also includes opportunities to review previous skills. It incorporates the development of students‘ logical reasoning and problem solving skills. Units taught are: numeration and place value, numbers and number operations, number patterns and number theory, integers,, statistics, fractions and decimals, percentages and ratios, expressions and equations,  geometry and symmetry, measurement, and probability. During this year, it is crucial that students are provided with the opportunity to revisit and reinforce all of the Math themes taught at Elementary level, to ensure a solid foundation and smooth transition into the Middle School Math program. Differentiated materials ensure that the needs of all students are met.


The Science Program during this year again provides a solid foundation for Middle School learning. Students undertake a classification of plants and animals project, are introduced to the body systems and nutrition (taking an international perspective), and carry out investigations to explore color, light and energy. The program is a blend of ‘hands on’ activities and independent research. Grade 5 participates in the NESA Virtual Science Fair project.

Social Studies:

The Social Studies program takes a global and historically chronological approach. Maps and globes are constantly reviews as the themes of archeology, explorers, American history (from Mesoamerica to the colonial and revolutionary periods), and civil rights are explored. This is a research-based subject, preparing students for the rigors of the Middle School program.

Additional Subjects:

The following classes are taught to JAIS students by specialist teachers: physical education, music, art, Spanish or French and swimming.

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