JAIS Middle School Humanities

Social Studies at JAIS focuses primarily on History and Geography, but also draws from a range of other disciplines, including Economics, Government & Politics, Philosophy, and Sociology.  Content is based on a ‘country studies’ approach, focussed on the United States of America, India, and China.  Our assessment objectives are based around three areas: Knowledge and Understanding, Analysis, and Communication Skills.  In the process, alongside English lessons, we aim to train our students as increasingly confident and independent readers, writers, library users, researchers, historians, geographers, and social scientists.  While teacher instruction is crucial, our goal is to foster in students a spirit of independent inquiry.  Accordingly, we provide extensive opportunities for individual, group, extended, experiential, and cross-curricular projects. Teaching methods and course content are tailored to meet the individual needs, interests, and passions of each student, including respect for diverse cultural, linguistic, and national backgrounds.  Students will leave their Social Studies at JAIS with a broad knowledge base, a sophisticated appreciation of diversity and complexity in their view of the world, and a toolbox of skills and study methods to help them navigate their future education and careers.