High School PEThe Physical Education and Health Programs offer great potential for enhancing the capacity of students’ minds and bodies. Extensive research connects the ability to learn to good health. Healthy minds and bodies are basic to academic success and, later in life, enhance the ability to contribute to living a productive life.

Physical Education (Grade 9):
This course is designed to promote active and healthy lifelong participation in sport and activity. This should enable students to achieve personal and group goals and contribute to society in a cooperative and competitive way, demonstrating good sportsmanship and fair play. The individual skills developed through exercise, weight control and organized individual and team sports, games, Presidential Physical Fitness Tests and recreational games will be the means through which course objectives will be attained.

Health & Physical Education (Grade 10):
Health Education is a unique subject that influences individual, family and societal development. The ultimate goal of health and physical education is to enable individuals to use knowledge in ways that transform unhealthy habits into healthy habits. This course considers the choices young people face and is designed to foster a health-promoting lifestyle. It provides both the objective information and a forum for the discussion of real life issues in the health field. Students will receive information that will enable them to care for themselves more effectively in the present and begin to form habits that will serve well throughout their lives. Class discussions, individual and group projects, and class presentations are integral parts of the course. The physical education component of this course focuses on physical fitness and the importance of lifetime fitness. Individual sports, team sports, The Presidential Fitness Test and recreational activities will be the focus.

Lifetime Fitness (Grades 11 & 12):
The emphasis in this course is improving fitness, learning the value of remaining fit, and selecting lifetime activities for health and fitness. The activities will include the regular physical education curriculum as well as aerobics, swimming, racket sports and a greater emphasis on individual and dual activities more common in lifetime sport enjoyment. This is a course of study which complies with the school‘s requirement for a health course. Its components include background readings, article analysis and class presentations on selected health-related topics of concern to students.