The preschool program for three and four year-olds provides a safe, enriching and nurturing environment where children enjoy learning in a play-based environment.  Through a structured day, children experience a comprehensive early childhood program.  Utilizing an integrated thematic approach, students are provided with hands-on, developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in order to develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Pre-reading, math, language and cognitive skills are all developed in a fun and sequential manner through play, music and outdoor learning.  Each child’s curiosity, imagination and love for learning is encouraged, whereby teachers respect each child’s needs and individuality.  Children are able to develop at their own pace whilst being guided to achieve new milestones.  Days in school are a carefully, crafted combination of teacher-led activities and indoor and outdoor free play.

With mix-aged grouping of three and four year-olds, children have many unique social learning opportunities.  The older children are encouraged to fulfill leadership roles while helping others learn new skills and achieve tasks and the younger children have role models to follow.  Through these relationships, children learn from each other in a natural, non-competitive and highly cooperative environment, while becoming increasingly independent and confident.

In addition to using our outdoor playground space on a daily basis, preschool students also enjoy a specialized physical education and swimming program.  Preschool students also participate in community service and field trip experiences.

Within the classroom routine, birthdays and special holidays from many different cultures are celebrated and preschool also enjoys participating in all school-wide celebrations.

Parent partnership is highly encouraged with open communication and participation.  JAIS also offers an after school ‘extended day care’ service.