JAIS High School Science
Biology (Grades 9 & 10):
Biology lays the foundation for the study of life science by learning important biological concepts and recent developments in research. Through the study of evolution, the cell, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, genetics, the kingdoms of life, sustainable development and the environment – the student gains an understanding of our living world. Laboratory work is an integral part of this course.

Chemistry (Grades 10-12):
Chemistry is a laboratory-oriented investigation into the basic physical and chemical properties of matter. Students study the sequential development of the atomic model, quantum theory concepts and the periodic table. Students then further investigate chemical systems, equilibrium laws, gas laws, acid-base chemistry and other related topics. A strong emphasis is placed on the student‘s ability to analyze and interpret data collected in laboratory experiments and an application of chemistry in our daily life.

Physics (Grades 11 & 12):
Physics is a general introductory study of the interaction of matter and energy as it applies to the areas of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics. Each area is studied from the theoretical and mathematical perspective. Laboratory work is an integral part of the course.Applications of physics principles in daily life are highly emphasized.